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All About New Or Replacement Windows: Considerations For Texas Homeowners

A new window or window replacement project in Austin, Texas, involves several critical considerations. First and foremost, Texas’s unique climate necessitates windows that are both energy-efficient and durable enough to withstand the variable weather conditions. Noise reduction might also be a priority if you live in a bustling city area. Additionally, choosing the right style and materials that complement your home’s architectural design is imperative.

One of the main concerns is undoubtedly the cost. New or Replacement windows are a significant investment, and you want to ensure you’re making a wise decision that will enhance your home’s value and energy efficiency. Evaluating the quality, warranty, and potential energy savings of various windows can shed light on the long-term value of your investment.

At Showroom Windows & Doors, we are equipped to guide you through this process with ease. As the leading window company in Austin, we understand the nuances of Texas window replacement. Our team of experts is ready to help you navigate through the specific considerations relevant to Austin, providing personalized advice to match your home’s needs, your aesthetic preferences, and your budget. We are committed to delivering top-quality window solutions that are a perfect fit for your home. Contact us today and let us help you transform your home with our exceptional window selection.

Replacement Windows: Materials And Styles For Every Home

Our Exceptional Selection And Choosing The Right Style

At Showroom Windows & Doors, we offer an impressive selection of window frame materials, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your property, irrespective of its architectural style. Our range incorporates everything from sturdy aluminum and classic wood to low-maintenance vinyl and durable fiberglass. Each material has distinct advantages, and the right choice depends on various factors like your home’s aesthetic, the local climate, and your personal preferences.

Our experienced professionals are here to assist you throughout the selection process. We’ll help you understand the ins and outs of each window frame material, from their insulating properties to their durability, maintenance requirements, and cost. We take the time to understand your unique needs and preferences, ensuring we guide you toward a choice that enhances your home’s visual appeal, increases its energy efficiency, and aligns with your budget.

Whether you’re renovating a historic home and need traditional wood frames that maintain the property’s character, or you’re after the modern, sleek appearance and high thermal performance of aluminum frames for a contemporary property, we have you covered. Trust us to provide the expert guidance you need to make the best choice for your window upgrade project. Reach out to us at Showroom Windows & Doors, the premier window company in Austin, and take the first step toward finding the perfect window frames for your home.

VINYL WINDOWS: The Vinyl Advantage

At Showroom Windows & Doors, we pride ourselves on offering the very best for our customers. In line with this commitment, we offer an exclusive range of windows made from original vinyl. Our choice of working exclusively with original vinyl stems from our understanding of its superior quality and durability compared to recycled vinyl. Original vinyl windows stand the test of time, offering decades of reliable service while maintaining their visual appeal. We are confident that our vinyl windows can deliver the perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness for your home.

vinyl windows

Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Energy Efficiency: Vinyl window frames prevent air from escaping when closed and locked, contributing significantly to energy savings. 

Low Maintenance: Vinyl is an extremely low-maintenance material. It’s easy to clean and doesn’t require expensive or time-consuming upkeep like painting or staining. 

UV Resistant: The UV-resistant properties of vinyl prevent it from rotting or corroding, ensuring your windows stay in optimal condition for longer. 

Longevity: Vinyl windows are built to last, often providing reliable service for around two decades. 

Cost-effective: One of the most appealing aspects of vinyl is its cost-effectiveness. It’s typically less expensive than alternatives like fiberglass or wood, and it’s easier to install, saving you money from the get-go.

By choosing Showroom Windows & Doors, you’re not only investing in top-quality vinyl windows but also partnering with a company that’s committed to providing exceptional service and value.

ALUMINUM WINDOWS: Durable, Affordable, & Stylish Replacement Windows

At Showroom Windows & Doors, we’ve tailored our offerings to the preferences of the modern homeowner, and as a part of that, our aluminum windows have become a popular choice. This is in part due to their sleek and contemporary aesthetic that can effortlessly transform the look of any home, imbuing it with an air of modern sophistication. While lightweight, aluminum is extremely strong, making it an ideal material for large windows that allow an abundance of natural light to flow into your home, enhancing the feeling of space and openness.


Benefits Of Aluminum Windows

Affordability: Aluminum windows are often more cost-effective than other window types. Their budget-friendly nature does not compromise their quality, making them a prime choice for homeowners.

Versatility: The flexibility of aluminum allows for the accommodation of windows of various shapes and sizes, enabling custom designs to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Durability: Aluminum windows are known for their robustness. They resist warping, cracking, and sticking, ensuring long-lasting functionality.

Ease of Installation: Aluminum is a lightweight material, making the installation process of aluminum windows comparatively simpler and faster than other window types.

Minimal Repainting: These windows rarely need to be repainted, thanks to their resistant surface finish. This not only saves on maintenance costs but also keeps the windows looking new for longer.

Compact Design: Aluminum frames are sleek and slim, taking up less room and giving your home a modern, stylish appearance.

Pest-Resistant: Unlike wood, aluminum does not attract insects, lowering the risk of damage to the window frames.

More Glass, Better Views: The strength of aluminum allows for thinner frames, thereby accommodating larger glass panes. This results in unobstructed panoramic views and increased natural light in your home.

Through our aluminum window offerings, we aim to combine functionality and style, taking your home’s aesthetics to the next level while ensuring durability and cost-effectiveness. Experience the difference with Showroom Windows & Doors, your trusted partner for all your window replacement needs.

COMPOSITE WINDOWS: Embrace the Fusion of Strength & Style

Composite window frames are a modern marvel in the world of window technology. Crafted from a blend of materials such as wood and plastic, composite windows offer the appealing aesthetics of wood paired with the durability and low maintenance of vinyl. The inception of composite materials in the window industry can be traced back to their use in window sills. Over the years, this material has evolved significantly and has now become a key component in the construction of entire window frames.

At Showroom Windows & Doors, we’ve seen a surge in the popularity of composite windows, particularly among Austin homeowners. Their appeal lies in their ability to adapt to Austin’s homes’ architectural uniqueness while providing superior performance and functionality.

composite windows

Benefits of Composite Windows

Strong Resistance to Moisture: Composite materials exhibit excellent resistance to moisture, reducing the risk of warping and ensuring the longevity of your windows.

Environmentally Friendly: Composite windows are a greener choice, as they are made from recycled materials and are highly energy efficient, contributing to less energy waste.

Aesthetic Flexibility: Composite windows are available in a wide array of colors, allowing you to match your windows with your home’s color scheme effortlessly.

Durability: The blend of materials used in composite windows enhances their resistance to weather impacts, making them a long-lasting window solution.

Low Maintenance: Due to their resistant nature, composite windows require minimal upkeep, saving you maintenance costs over time.

With these benefits, composite windows prove to be a fantastic choice for those seeking a balance of aesthetic appeal, durability, and affordability in their window replacement solutions. Embrace the composite difference with Showroom Windows & Doors, your trusted partner for all your window replacement needs in Austin.

FIBERGLASS WINDOWS: Reinforced Glass Fibers For Maximum Energy Efficiency

At Showroom Windows & Doors, we are proud to offer top-quality Fiberglass windows, a product that has gained significant popularity among homeowners in recent years. There are several reasons behind the rising preference for Fiberglass windows.

fiberglass windows

Benefits Of Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass, a material composed of reinforced glass fibers, provides exceptional durability and mimics the aesthetic appeal of traditional wood windows. Our fiberglass windows deliver unparalleled benefits, including:

Energy Efficiency: Fiberglass is known for its excellent insulation properties. It minimizes heat transfer, thus maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home and reducing your energy consumption.

Low Maintenance: Fiberglass windows require little to no upkeep. They retain their original color and texture, removing the need for frequent repainting or staining.

Moisture Resistance: Fiberglass does not swell, shrink, or warp when exposed to moisture. This reduces the chances of mold growth, rotting, and corrosion, ensuring your windows stay in excellent condition for years to come.

Thinner Frames: The strength of fiberglass allows for thinner frames, resulting in a larger glass area for clearer views and more natural light.

Heat Resistance: Unlike other materials, fiberglass does not warp or melt under high temperatures. This makes them a great choice for Texas homes.

Versatility: Fiberglass windows can be customized to suit a variety of shapes and sizes, making them an excellent fit for any architectural style.

Recyclability: Fiberglass is a sustainable choice as it can be recycled, aligning with our commitment to eco-friendly practices.

At Showroom Windows & Doors, we believe in providing our customers with new and replacement windows that blend functionality and aesthetics. Our Fiberglass windows, with their multitude of benefits, are a testament to this philosophy. You can trust us for your window replacement needs, and we promise to deliver products that enhance the comfort, beauty, and efficiency of your home.

WOOD-CLAD WINDOWS: The Best of Both Worlds with Wood-Clad Windows

At Showroom Windows & Doors, we understand the charm and appeal of wooden windows. However, we also know the maintenance they demand can be high. For this reason, we offer wood-clad windows, a brilliant solution that combines the best of both worlds. Wood-clad windows are essentially wooden windows that have been clad or covered on the exterior with a protective material like aluminum. This cladding provides an additional layer of protection against weather elements and wear and tear, significantly reducing maintenance needs.

Wood-clad windows have gained substantial popularity among homeowners due to their inherent benefits. They effortlessly blend the aesthetic appeal of traditional wood with the durability and low maintenance of aluminum, making them an ideal choice for those seeking style without compromising on convenience or durability.

woodclad windows

Benefits of Wood-Clad Windows

Low Maintenance: The protective cladding minimizes the need for frequent painting or staining, saving homeowners time and maintenance costs.

Offering a Variety of Colors: Wood-clad windows come in a wide range of colors, allowing for greater flexibility in matching the windows with your home’s exterior and interior design.

Customizable Options: With wood-clad windows, you’re not restricted to standard shapes and sizes. They can be custom-built to fit the unique architecture of your home.

Aesthetically Attractive: The inner wooden part of these windows brings a warm, classic appeal to your home’s interiors, while the outer cladding ensures your home’s exterior remains sleek and modern.

Longevity: When properly maintained, wood-clad windows can last for decades. The external cladding protects the wooden core from weather and environmental damage, significantly extending the lifespan of the windows.

Choosing wood-clad windows from Showroom Windows & Doors means choosing an attractive, durable, and low-maintenance solution for your replacement windows needs. We are dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality products that enhance the comfort, beauty, and efficiency of their homes.

WOOD WINDOWS: Elegant, Durable, and Uniquely Yours

Wood windows hold a prominent place in the home improvement market due to their timeless appeal and versatility. Homeowners gravitate towards these types of windows for their unique ability to elevate the aesthetic allure of any property. They add a touch of warmth and elegance that other materials can seldom replicate. At Showroom Windows & Doors, we pride ourselves on offering a wide range of customizable wood windows to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of our customers. Our team of experts is ready to guide you through an array of options and tailor them to your specific design needs.

wood windows

Benefits Of Wood Windows:

Highly Customizable: Wood can be shaped, painted, or stained to match any aesthetic preference.

Excellent Durability: When maintained properly, wood windows can last for many years.

Superior Insulation: Wood is a natural insulator, helping to regulate indoor temperatures and contribute to energy efficiency.

Noise Cancellation: Wood’s inherent thickness helps to reduce outside noise, fostering a quiet and peaceful indoor environment.

Choose Showroom Windows & Doors for your wood window needs, and experience the blend of tradition, style, and modern functionality that our products offer.

Summary of Window Frame Material For Replacement Windows

summary of windows

Showroom Windows & Doors Has New And Replacement Windows For Any Style

Determining the right window type for your home can often appear as a daunting task, given the plethora of options available in the market. Factors such as the architectural style of your home, your climate, energy efficiency needs, and budget all play crucial roles in shaping this decision. However, you don’t need to navigate this journey alone. At Showroom Windows & Doors, our experienced team is here to help you make an informed choice that perfectly suits your individual needs and preferences.

We begin by understanding your specific requirements and expectations from your replacement windows. We then guide you through the various factors that you should consider, such as durability, maintenance requirements, insulation performance, and overall aesthetic appeal that each window type offers.

Our expertise, coupled with our extensive range of high-quality products, ensures that we can find a window solution that matches your unique vision for your home. Whether you’re looking for the timeless charm of wood windows, the robustness of vinyl, or the low maintenance advantage of wood-clad windows, we’ve got you covered.

Located in Austin, Texas, we at Showroom Windows & Doors are committed to making your window shopping experience as straightforward and enjoyable as possible. Trust us to guide you through the process of window selection, ensuring your new windows enhance both the functionality and the aesthetic value of your home

Trust Showroom Windows & Doors for your home improvement project, and experience the difference that quality makes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands do you work with?

We work closely with a diverse range of high-quality industry manufacturers, including Marvin, Pella, Andersen, Provia, Quaker, Western, NT Windows, and Don Young.

Do you offer repairs if anything goes wrong?

Yes, we offer comprehensive after-sales support, which includes repair services. If anything goes wrong with your windows or doors, we are committed to making it right.

Do you offer room partitions?

We certainly do! We offer a variety of room partitions with an array of styles and designs to suit your particular needs and preferences.

Do you offer workmanship warranties?

Yes, we do offer workmanship warranties. We stand by the quality of our workmanship with a 5-Year Labor Guarantee. This is in addition to the unique warranties offered by each brand in our portfolio.

Do you offer installation?

Absolutely, we offer professional installation services. Our team of experts ensures that your windows and doors are installed to perfection for optimal performance and longevity.

Where are you located?

Our showroom is proudly based in Austin, Texas, but we’re not just limited to this location. We cater to the window and door needs of homeowners across the state. Check out the areas we serve here.

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  • Showroom windows did such a great job. Brandon worked with me to get exactly what I was wanting. His crew installing the windows also did a great job. I‘m now using Showroom Windows to do the rest of our house. I will definitely recommend Showroom Windows and Doors to anyone!

    – Dororthy G.
  • I met with a variety of window installers, like Pella, Andersen, and performance remodel or something. I looked for a “local” option and found Showroom. What made me move forward with Showroom was the ability to get a mix of windows from Pella and Marvin. I wasn’t limited to just one brand.

    – Steph N.
  • We could not be more pleased with our experience! From Brandon coming out and helping us design our project, to the actual install! The entire process was from start to finish was great! The entire team is not only professional, but they were all so kind, and passionate about what they do!

    – Kaila B.
  • We got 5 windows and 3 doors replaced by showroom windows and doors. They did an excellent job, were professional and friendly, and focused on doing the job the right way not the quick way.

    – Dave W.
  • I replaced 16 windows & frames. I must say that I was very impress by the professionalism, the work ethic, cleanliness and transparency during the whole process. Todd and Tim are very experienced individual and can be trusted to get the job done no matter what. They show up early and leave late. An awesome experience overall.

    – Laurent L.
  • We had been waiting on this project for years because we just didn’t know what to do. Brandon came over and together, we came up with a beautiful and functional solution. The end product is perfect and we love it. We will be giving them another call when we replace our windows because they were so great.

    – Lindsay T.
  • Really great experience! Luke and Trina ran the install of our new front door and patio door and the results look amazing. They took time to cover the little details that others miss. They also cleaned as they went, I’m used to having to clean up when others leave the job site!

    – Dan J.
  • 10/10 would recommend! Brandon was professional and very knowledgeable about window and door products. I can confidently say that I made the right decision choosing Showroom! I love my new Kolbe windows. The black finish looks great and brings a nice modern look to my home. It was an overall great experience!

    – Cameron G.
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